Hidden Fence brand® - Dog Fence and Dog fencing Containment Solutions,
was pioneered by Hidden Fence in Australia. We offer the only Professional Grade,
full service electric dog fence solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Hidden Fence brand is the most trusted company for Dog Containment Fences in Australia and is recommended by Animal Behaviour Veterinarians for critical escaping and wandering cases.

Hidden Fence brands dog fence, and wireless dog fence systems, are the most affordable and practical dog containment solutions available. Originally created in 1973, Hidden Fence pioneered full service electric dog fence solutions for all regions of Australia offering the only professional grade dog fence system, as well as the newly released DIY Dog Fence by DogWatch, inc.

Invisible Dog Fencing by
Hidden Fence brand

Dog Fence systems have helped millions of dogs stay safe at home since 1973.

The idea of an invisible fence barrier eliminating escaping behavior in dogs and cats has been well received in Australia both by vets and animal behaviorists; but mostly by dog owners who’ve been struggling with containing their dogs with inadequate dog fencing.

Traditional dog proof fencing and dog mesh often are mere obstacles and not profound enough to stop the true escaping dog!

Dogs are typically digging under or jumping over traditional dog fencing, some even escape by simply pushing through.

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How a Hidden Fence brand Dog Fence Works

Hidden Fence brand offers The DogWatch Hidden dog fence System. Only Hidden Fence uses a Patented “Safelink FM/DM digital radio signal" that’s transmitted through a invisible dog fence boundary wire installed around your property, below ground level or on a fence line. A lightweight, waterproof dog fence receiver collar worn by your pet picks up this harmless signal...

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Outstanding Benefits

  • Company Experience
  • Hidden dog fencing costs much less than traditional fencing
  • Money-Back Performance Guarantee
  • Works with, or without current fencing
  • Pets can be trained to barrier at 4 months and older
  • Solves escaping, digging and jumping issues
  • No limit to number of pets on a system

Hidden Fence brand – The Original, not cheap eBay® “Knock-offs”!

Hidden Fence offers the only Professional Grade invisible dog fence in Australia. Professional systems are tailored to the individual application and engineered to stop any and all breeds from escaping their boundaries. Only our Hidden Fence PT4 Professional Series equipment is programmable to counter all escaping and wandering situations and applications. “knock-off” dog fence products from China are NOT industry standard and do Not represent the invisible fence industry. In Australia, Hidden Fence Company is the largest Dealership network of Professional Dog Containment Products in Australia. Hidden Fence brand®s electric dog fence is the industry leader and the original. 

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Since 2002, Hidden Fence Australia has been awarded DogWatch Hidden Fence Global #1 Distributor Award 8 Consecutive Years. 


Hidden Fence brand® Dealer Network delivers on-site solutions, guaranteeing positive Dog Containment results.

Hidden Fence benefits from the experience of Vance Plummer, Director and Founder of Hidden Fence brand.

Vance's 27 years experience with the invisible fence® Industry in America, ensures the safest and most positive results. Vance has developed specific installation techniques and training protocols for electric dog fence systems, along with working closely with top industry trainers and animal behaviour veterinarians. 

Many dog owners have tried dog fence systems in the past (DIY versions) with negative results. Without proper knowledge on how to set up a electric dog fence system or how to train a dog to an invisible fence, a dog owner can procure more behavioural issues than they started with. Cheaper systems won’t help either, they’ll just make everything worse. The mission was to introduce the BEST and Most reliable product to Australia. We’ve done that!

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Beware of unregulated dog fence containment fences from online auction sites!

Your dogs behaviour and welfare may be at risk!

Cesar's Way: "Dogs Must Have Boundaries"

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